Eastwood Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy


Click on Link Above to Access RenWeb   

Eastwood Junior Academy has adopted a leading-edge technology to assist with managment and communication. RenWeb
School Managment Software will make it possible for our school to provide comprehensive and immediate information for
parents and students via

ParentsWeb is an integrated, web-based communication system allowing families to securely log in to password-protected data.
ParentsWeb provides view-only data that is populated from the school's data system. In other words, when a student's
attendance, grades, etc., is generated at the school, parents can log in from anywhere they have internet access and view their
child's progress (parents are limited to viewing only their own child's data). All information is posted in real time. This means
when any record is created or modified, parents can view that information immediately!

Welcome to your classroom-information resource! The cooperation between home and school is pivotal for student growth and
acheivement.  We are thrilled that you are taking this important step to stay connected with your child's progress. Please do not
hesitate to contact your child's teacher with any questions you may have.

What RenWeb Provides to Families

Families can access tons of useful resources via ParentsWeb, including:
  •   Attendance
  •    Daily Grades
  •    Progress Reports
  •    Report Cards
  •    Homework
  •    Missing Assignments
  •    Citizenship / Discipline Records
  •    Staff and School Directory
  •    Teacher Email Address
  •    Teacher Websites
  •    Announcements
  •    Calendar Events
To access the parent's website on RenWeb:
New User Login
  1.  Click on the RenWeb banner in the above right corner to open the RenWeb.
  2.  Type in the email address that you provided to the school.
  3.  Click "New User Login" if you have not logged into RenWeb before.
  4.  You will be emailed a password within 3 minutes (to the email address you typed in during Step
(which must be the same email address that you provided to the school). Your password
will be automatically assigned as a series of numbers. You can change your password when
you log in later.

  1.  Repeat steps 1-2 above, then type your password to log in. Then select "Continue".
  2.  To access grades, click "Classrooms". This will bring up all classes that each of your children are enrolled in at EJA.
  3.  Select "Homework Summary" or "Progress Report".