Eastwood Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy


Home & School allows for parents and families to support the students of our school in all different ways.  Parents will be notified of any event scheduled for Fundraising besides the ones listed below.  Watch to see what fun programs are scheduled during the school year.

      Year-Round Fundraisers

The Home and School Team is collecting Box Tops for Education from General Mills and Labels for Education from Campbells soup. These labels offer EJA an opportunity to earn cash and points for purchasing much needed equipment for the school. These labels can be found on many of the everyday products that you use in your kitchen.

   Box Tops for Education from General Mills

Box Tops can be found on products such as cereal, salsa, granola bars, and storage bags. Each Box Top is worth ten cents each. This may not seem like much, but if every family turned in five box tops a week, the school will earn over $1,200.00 in one year. Look for the Box Tops symbol on the items you use in the kitchen. If you see one, cut it out, store it in a zip-lock bag, and drop off your monthly collection at the school office or with your student's teacher. Ask friends, family, and co-workers to collect them and see our earnings double!! Check out www.boxtops4education.com for a complete list of products.

Labels for Education from Campbells Soup

The Home and School Team are also collecting lables for education from Campbells. These labels earn points that help with the purchase of equipment and tools that the teachers use in the classroom. The Labels for Education are not only found on soup, but on Pepridge Farm Breads, V8, Goldfish Crackers, and more. Please be sure to save the entire UPC and Labels for Education symbol. Visit www.labelsforeducation.com for more information.

Collect your Box Tops and Labels now!  Bring your collections into the school office or classrooms. Thank you, in advance, for helping to provide much-needed equipment for your child's classroom.